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2023 Sessions

Online and in person teaching/learning sessions, led by project collaborators

Monthly online planting and growing circles will be held around the new moons, in addition to extended teaching sessions with respected teachers throughout the growing season.

Planting bundles will be sent by mail to participants (limited quantities available).

In-person planting and growing work in Toronto will take place in a greenhouse space at Downsview Park, and at 440 Parkside Drive in High Park. For those in Toronto, contact the 440 Parkside Collective to learn more about seedling giveaways, feasts, sacred fires, volunteer work sessions, and harvest giveaways.

2023 Circles: Welcome

Please fill out this form to register for the series of sessions.

The 2023 sessions will take place:

Tuesday March 21, 2023 : 5-7PM EST

Online Planting Circle

Saturday March 25, 2023 : 12-2PM EST

In Person Planting Circle (Toronto)

Saturday April 22, 2023 : 12-2PM EST

Online Planting/Growing Circle

Saturday May 20, 2023 : 12-2PM EST

Online Growing Circle

Saturday June 17, 2023 : 12-2PM EST

Online Growing Circle

Sunday July 16, 2023 : 12-2PM EST

Online Growing Circle


Extended Teaching Sessions

2023 Schedule (All Sessions on Zoom)

Bear Bundle Teaching Session

with Grandmother Pauline Shirt and Luanna Shirt

January 2023

Creation Story Teaching Sessions

with Jim Dumont

March 2023

& More TBD

2023 Circles: Get Involved
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